Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekend Homework

UOI: Home survey

Task: Talk to your parents about how your house/family is governed. Some questions you may discuss:

* What systems are in place?
* How do these systems affect your life?
* What will happen if one of the systems stops working?
* What are the responsibilities of each individual?
* What are the rights of each individual?
* How are problems solved?
* Who takes the major decisions? Why?

You can also make a pictorial representation of the same.

English: Using reading strategy: Create

Task: Make an advertisement for the book you are reading. The poster must:

* Be visually appealing with bright colours and less text
* Make the viewers want to read the book
* Have interesting captions (use simile (as __ as a ____) and alliterations (words starting from same sound) if possible)

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