Thursday, November 1, 2012

Circle activity

We did a very interesting activiliy in math yesterday. The students were asked to cut out a circle from coloured A4 sheets. They learnt the different pars of the circle by 'playing' with this circle cut-out. For example, the edge of the shape is the cicumference. The line created when they folded the circle into two equal halfs is called a diameter. The line created when the circle is folded into a quarter is the radius. The cross-section of these two lines in the center. The smaller part of the circumference is the arc. The line created when they randomly folded the circle is the chord. The chord divides the circle into sectors.

After getting thorough with this vocabulary, the students created more 2D shapes with the circle: a cone (by folding it twice so that the circumference touches the center); a triangle (doing the same thrice); a trapezium (folding one end of the triangle); a hexagon (folding all three ends of the triangle) and a rhombus (Folding two ends of a triangle). They also created a tetrahedron (triangular based pyramid) by holding together the three corners of the triangle.

Apart from being informative, the engagement was highly engaging for the students, especially the girls. Some of the boys did mention that they didn't like sitting in the same place for a long time... :) Most of the students felt they were doing origami!!

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