Thursday, November 1, 2012

Free time in the classroom

I'm sure my Principal will be alarmed by reading the title! Jokes apart, giving some (structured) free time to the students in the classroom is a very effective way to channelise their energies in the right direction.

We all have routines at home, but, aren't there times when we need a break from our schedules to either catch-up on something or just to suffice our yearning for 'change'. At times, we priorotize things that need more attention from us at that particular point of time. When we say that a classroom is like a second home for a child, then doesn't the same rationale apply to them as well?? Change can a be a source of motivation for all of us.

Our current unit is on buildings and structures and the students have been engrossed in making many models using different materials, especially legos. Lately I have been giving them some time during classes to make whatever they want with the legos and the 2D and 3D shapes. Doing this has enhanced the creativity of the students and has made them feel like architects and engineers.

When the students spend time with model making, I sit with students who need more assistance in basic skills like reading and arithmetic. It has been working well for me as well as the students - A Win Win situation!

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