Monday, November 5, 2012

Reading for understanding

It isn't like I'm an expert in reading, but I would like to share how I go about it in the classroom.

It goes unsaid that the best way to enhance language skills in any child is through extensive reading and by accomplishing follow-up tasks. At a school where most of the students need assistance in English, reading becomes an essential part of our daily routines.

Based on their reading and comprehension levels, each student in my class has been given a book to read. Everyday, they are given to time to read one or two chapters. Based on the chapters, the students do a variety of tasks. Each day, we focus on a different reading strategy (Predict, Skim and Scan, Visualise, connect, Create, Wonder, Evaluate, Infer and Summarise). Students choose a task related to the reading strategy chosen on that day. For example, today, we focused on 'Create'. Few chose to create posters, others created comic scripts. Some students also created role plays. Some students worked in groups and others worked individually. 

We keep modifying the way we cater to reading in the classroom. This keeps the students engaged and exited. Earlier, the students were given 'reading bingo' sheets from which they chose tasks. At the moment, we are following 'strategy of the day'. Soon, we will begin with structured novel study. We also regularly do guided reading using the Oxford Reading Tree books.

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