Thursday, September 27, 2012


I'm sure you all are waiting for the vacation as much as I am! I hope we all enjoy our time to the fullest and come back fresh as lemons..

As usual, I'm going to assign SOME work so that you don't forget all that was learnt during the session. For some of you, these tasks might help you in being occupied during the break.

Things you should do: (For everyone)

* Math worksheet on word problems
* In your math notebook, write the different examples of lines (lines, line segments, rays, parallel lines, perpendicular lines and intersecting lines) that you see around you. Try to draw them in your notebooks with accurate or approximate measurements.
* English -  Any three tasks from the Reading Bingo and Comprehension passage
* UOI: Prepare a presentation (Using any tool) on some famous buildings and structures around the world. Include information about the design, the reasons why and how it was built and any other speacial features. You may also talk about it's history, if applicable.

Due date for all the Homework: October 10th (Wednesday)

Things you MAY do: (Extension)

* Solve more problems on
* Create puzzles based on famous buildings/reading book/current events, etc.
* Create your own buildings on MS Word
* Explore web tools on
* If you visit a place outside Hyderabad, you can find out about the culture of that place and speak to you classmates about it when you come back.
* Play games:

Feel free to communicate with your teachers through email/blog comments.


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