Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Rendezvous with the Nizams

The grade 5 students were taken for a field trip to the Chaumahala palace and the Nizam's museum on the 18th of September 2012.

It was a warm and sunny morning and we left the campus at 9 am; all the students and two teachers safely seated in a big, comfortable bus. It took us around forty-five minutes to reach our destination. Before entering the palace, the students sat under a shady tree at the front enterance to write a pre - reflection. They were asked to think about the things they will see inside. After a while, with our caps on, we marched enthusiastically through the lush, green gardens preseeding the pearl white structure.

As we climbed the tiny steps, we were greeted by a smiling gentleman in a guard's uniform. Behind him was a luxuriant, spacious hall. It looked like a court with an enormous throne placed in the center of the wall opposite to us. Numerous opulent looking chandeliers were dangling  from the high ceiling. I simply couldn't stop taking pictures!

Our curiosity and indulgence kept growing as we walked through the well-laid galleries. It was interesting how the museum answered all our queries in it's own serene manner. Halls after halls, galleries after galleries, courtyards after courtyards, we kept looking at at our surroundings in awe. There were artefacts that told us about the Nizams' clothes, language, food, music, travel, lifestyle, mannerisms and hobbies. While their belongings were carefully preserved and displayed, we only wished the organisers had put up more informative boards around the pathways and dioramas.

Our discovery of the culture of the Nizams continued when we visited the Nizams' museum around noon. We were fortunate to find an expert at the enterence who voluntarily guided our tour. Most of the artefacts displayed in this museum were silver objects gifted to the seventh Nizam  on his silver jubilee. The most amazing feature was a  never-ending wardrobe which is arguably the world's biggest! The museum is managed by the oldest grandson of the Nizam who lives in Paris.

The trip ended when we reached school a little after 2 pm. Exhausted and saturated, the students completed their field trip booklets, reflected on the trip and started waiting for another one....

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