Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fantabulous fourth week!

This week, the students were engrossed in digging deeper into the central idea and the second line of inquiry: 'How artefacts symbolize beliefs and values'. There was a 'Show and Tell' session where all the students and teachers brought an artefact and shared the beliefs behind it. There was a wide variety of artefacts from various cultures: Gujarati, Ismaili, Hindu, Christian, Chinese, Buddhist, etc. The students also wrote reflections on their learning. Another interesting learning engagement was the 'Jigsaw Reading'. Both the classes were divided into six groups and each group read an article from the book 'Religious articles'. The groups were then shuffled into four groups so that there is one person from each group in all the groups. The students then used a graphic organizer to make connections between all the religions. For example: The Bible is the holy book for the Christians and the Quran is the holy book for the Muslims. The Hindus light Diyas on Diwali and the Jews light candles on Hanukkah.
Some pictures from the UOI lessons: 

In English language, apart from guided reading, we had an assessment. The students were given prompts for descriptive writing and they used the writing process to independently write a descriptively written passage. The criterion  for assessment were given to them, but it was a self assessment.

In  Math, we revisited rounding off big numbers as some students were a little unclear with the concept. Students learnt to add numbers using the concept of place value. They understood the actual meaning of 'carry over'. They solved some problems on addition by expanding and contracting numbers. We did mental addition too.

In IT, the students praticed using MS Excel to create graphs.

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