Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Using audio tools to enhance reading skills

The audio tools are excellent resources to reinforce good reading strategies. There are many ways of creating/audio audio files: online (websites like or offline (softwares like audio boo and built in computer accessories like 'sound recorder').

The class 5 students have been making good use of these audio tools in the classroom. We used it to create a glog for our previous unit. We have now begun to use the tools in Reading. There are a couple a few things that the students have done so far:

They read pages from the ORT books and recorded their own voices. Later, they heard themselves and reflected on the short-comings. They re-recorded themselves to notice the improvement. Many students listen to stories online.

In Novel study, the students are focusing on the Bloom's Taxonomy as of now. For the 'analysis' stage, the students were asked to talk about how Narnia undergoes seasonal changes from different perspectives: the queen, the faun, Mr. Beaver, etc. They recorded themselves speaking and later self-reflected.

Here is a sample in which a student talks about the change of weather in Narnia from the queen's perspective:

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