Monday, March 4, 2013

Integrating Mathematics

Amongst the five strands of Mathematics, 'Data Analysis' is said to be the easiest to integrate with the units of inquiry. However, one needs to be mindful of integrating it meaningfully and creatively. While creating graphs based on data collected is simplest to accomplish, there are many other ways of integrating this strand.

For our unit on Energy, we focused on the skill of analysing graphs and making conclusions. Groups of students were given different graphs based on energy and its consumption. They were asked to read the graphs carefully. For the new terms, students were asked to refer laptops in order to find the definitions/explanations. They also added information on the 'I found that...' wall as and when they found something new.

The teacher put forward provocative questions as the students inquired into to the graphs: 'Why do you think Canada is leading in energy  consumption?'; 'Why don't the African countries use a lot of energy?'; 'Why doesn't India use a lot of renewable energy?'; 'Why do you think the cost of installing solar panels will decrease over time?'. There was an elaborate discussion after this.

This was very well connected to the AgaKhan Strand 'Economics for Development'.

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