Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Second Successful Week

The second week of school was again a big success! The students were thoroughly engaged in meaningful and challenging learning engagements in the classroom.

In Math, the students consolidated their understanding of the Indian and International place value through a range of activities: Using flash cards, base 10 blocks, playing games, solving puzzles and lots of practice.

In English, we focused on descriptive writing by using new and interesting adjectives. They identified adjectives from the books they are reading. They were given a list of adjectives to get familiar with and then use in their own descriptive passages. The students also followed the writing process of planning, drafting, editing and publishing to describe picturesque visuals. They created 'pic;its' using IT too.

In the unit of inquiry, the students constructed their own meaning of culture by analyzing artefacts, reading books, watching videos, using graphic organizers and participating in class discussions.

The Class 5K students have now created their own blogs. These have been hyperlinked on this page. Please encourage them by visiting these webpages and by providing constructive feedback through commenting on their posts.

 Making connections between artefacts:

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