Saturday, August 18, 2012

New year - New school - New class

The first week of school was so brisk! It was heart warming to see how quickly the students adapted to the new environment. In the first two days (before the first week), we had many ice breakers for the kids to get familiar with each other and the school. There are about 6 new students in the class this year. The students also got familiar with the IB Learner profile. Over the weekend, they created storied that portrayed the attributes of the Learner Profile.
Iliyan prepares a caption for his drawer

Sanil helps in setting up a stationery corner

Amaan and SaiVishwas make the captions for their drawers

Elisha presents a puppet show on the Learner Profile

Iliyan presents a prezi on the Learner Profile

The new students try to come up with the attributes of the learner profile by answering the question ' What is the perfect person like'?

The old students create posters on the Learner Profile by writing about occasions when they portrayed them
The academics kicked off in the true sense on the 13th of August. All the students were assessed in their language and Math skills. We also assessed their prior knowledge in the new unit of inquiry, which is on culture.

In Language, the students chose three writing targets and one reading target according to their levels. We played some games on word building. In Math, the students did a project on Data Analysis using CORI (collect, organize, represent and interpret). Different groups of students designed a survey and collected relevant data. They then chose a way to organize and then represent the data. They also drew conclusions from the data represented.

CORI project

 Setting writing targets:

Carousel activity

On Friday, different groups of students came up with their own 'counting systems' after listening to the story 'the king's commissioners'.

Word building game

We started the unit of inquiry with a gallery walk. The students were asked to analyse different artefacts related to culture. They then framed their inquiry questions for the unit. The questions were sorted into 'I want to KNOW that..' (Factual questions) and 'I want to UNDERSTAND that..' (Conceptual questions). We unpacked the central idea with a Carousel activity. The prominent words from the central idea were written on separate sheets of paper: Rituals, traditions, artefacts, cultures, expressions, beliefs and values. In their groups, students brainstormed the meaning of these words. The sheets were rotated amongst the groups until all the groups had contributed to all the words. The students later found the dictionary meanings of the words and there was a class discussion. After thoroughly understanding what the words mean, the students were asked to guess the central idea given the words, the theme and the concepts.

Next week, the students will be making their own blogs which also be shared and hyperlinked on this page - So, WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

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