Friday, August 9, 2013

Another Journey Begins!!

Another School year has begun and hence another journey - A journey full of learning, excitement, adventures, challenges and not to mention LOTS OF FUN!!

The students from last year's 'Grade 5' have been promoted to next grade and I now have the pleasure of having 14 new faces in the class! They are also a brilliant bunch who make the class lively and interactive.

For the past 5 years, I have been maintaining blogs for every grade - a different blog every year. However, this year it so happens I am teaching the same grade and the same section that I did in the previous year. I hence will continue to use the same blog for this year as well. Some changes will be made so that the blog is more specific to the current student group. 

I invite all parents, colleagues and peers from across the globe to be a part of this blog by reading and responding to articles. I will not only use this blog to share the teaching and learning in the classroom, but also my experiences and hence analysis of different aspects of the PYP and pedagogy in general. Being a passionate blogger, I look forward to improvise my blogging practices. 

You can also follow me on twitter: @archana2804

See you soon!!! :) 

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