Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Narrative writing

The Grade 5 students have been really excited about the latest topic in English - Narrative writing. This was linked to the unit on civilizations and the students wrote very interesting stories. The Novel 'Chronicles of Narnia' also helped them in coming up with brilliant ideas.

What they enjoyed most was Narrative Poetry. We started off by reading poems of different styles and  by a variety of authors. Each student was given a collection of  poems from which they recited their favourite poem in the class. We also read few poems together and realised that all poems
 have a rhythm or a beat and sometimes a rhyming pattern. We also identified the use of figurative language like similes, personification and alliteration.

Next, the students were asked to come up with narrative poems on their own. Some did this in pairs and others individually. The engagement had such a strong impact on them that for three days, the students were even trying to talk poetically in the class!! For example, "Please come with me, a book I need to see".

They all followed the writing process by first coming up with a plan for a story and then drafting it. The poem was edited by themselves, their peers and then by the teacher. Finally, they published their poems on chart papers which were displayed in the classroom.

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